Who We Are

Avant Plus Capital provides consulting to real estate syndicators and private equity funds; these investors contribute money and capital to struggling businesses to improve them and make a profit. Private equity is a $20 trillion industry, with the most extensive public firms maintaining over $2.5 trillion. The industry secret is the multiplier effect of leverage, which allows a small fund of $2 million to leverage 4 million dollars of debt to create purchasing power of $6 million.

Our Mission

Private equity capital contains the money of future retirees. For example, wealthy companies like Apple and Google are the greatest contributors to federal tax dollars that fund 401Ks. Private equity investors determine the distribution of wealth in society primarily by influencing the stock market. Market conditions can affect the price of your groceries, phones, and even U.S. Treasury notes. These notes currently have high yields, with 3.489% for ten-year notes and 3.946% for two-year notes. When yields increase, bond prices decrease. By informing our clients and community about intelligent investments, Avant Plus Capital can maximize the rate your money grows. We administer the best service to all by:

1. Prioritizing client relations before any formal agendas
2. Upholding an inspiring character
3. Actively participating in all relationships
4. Setting the precedent
5. Exceeding expectations
6. Following through with promises

Our Vision

Stock market conditions have decreased the net worth of many wealthy individuals like Elon Musk and the average American. Around 1.4 trillion dollars have been lost from 401K funds and $2 trillion from several IRAs that are 401k rollovers. With the retirement population growing at an increased rate, government retirement funds are running out.

Private equity provides greater and more stable returns compared to regular 401Ks. Investors often consider private equity firms that implement credit, real estate, and infrastructure strategies. Understanding private equity allows for greater savings. Avant Plus Capital works diligently for our community to:

1. Comprehend how alternate investment opportunities are preferable to publicly traded companies
2. Develop an investor mentality
3. Establish financial freedom for early retirement 4. Heighten income
5. Diminish or even eradicate taxes
6. Create generational wealth
7. Influence societal reform

Our Team

Todd Gottel


Todd Gottel has worked in finance for almost 25 years. Along with serving as COO and VP, Todd has held executive positions in sales, marketing, operations, finance, and management. Since he began working in the personal finance industry five years ago, Todd has assisted a large number of his friends—many of whom are now clients—in achieving financial independence. Todd has been involved in the community for almost 11 years, including his time as the mayor and council member of Rowlett. Additionally, he had a big influence on the board's decision to buy Robertson Park from the City of Dallas for the landmark Bayside Project. He also served on the CERT team for ten years. Todd also sits on the North Texas Commission's board. Todd has a strong commitment to his family. He moved from Philadelphia and has been a resident of Rowlett for more than 23 years.

Frixmon Michael


Frixmon Michael is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS as well as a Certified Mentor for SBA, SCORE, and Dallas, TX. Frixmon Michael is also a Tax Consultant, Business Strategist, and a Serial -Entrepreneur.

Gregory W. Mitchell graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor s Degree in Economics in 1991 and with his J.D. He is the principal attorney for Freeman Law firm in Dallas, with over 25 years of experience in Tax and Wealth Strategies. Prior to opening The Mitchell Law Firm, L.P. in 2004, Mr. Mitchell served as a Partner and General Counsel with Tax Automation, L.P., a national tax-consulting firm. Mr. Mitchell was previously the National Director of Tax Technology at Ryan & Company, a national tax consulting practice, and a Senior Manager with KPMG, a 'Big Four' accounting firm.

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